For an efficient work, we have
an impressive fleet of heavy equipments

Environmental requirements are transforming demolition projects inengineering challenge and ingenuity. Our team has the expertise and experience to both aspects and so achieve the following types of projects:

  • Decontamination of asbestos and contaminated soils;
  • Mechanical treatment plant or in situ soil and contaminated structures;
  • Extraction and management of hazardous waste in accordance with the laws and regulations;
  • Segregation of materials to maximize recycling and material recovery;
  • Achievement test treatment before the dismantling or decontamination;
  • Dismantling of industrial and commercial structures to include structuresin height;
  • Production of expert reports and work completion for insurance orgovernment authorities.

To carry out effectively, the work our team has an impressive fleet ofheavy machinery including:

  • 5 excavators equipped with shears
  • 4 jaw hydraulic excavators fitted with concrete
  • 2 large capacity excavators (JD 850 and CAT365)
  • 6 conventional excavators
  • 10 medium wheel loaders and large capacity
  • 10 semi trucks and 15 trailers various
  • 5 trucks 12 wheels type roll-off
  • Miscellaneous equipment such as: mini-excavator, bobcat, forklift large capacity, etc..

Finally, we are at your disposal for any listing of demolition / dismantlingregardless of the amount of work and location.