About us

The company has a modest beginning
but its expansion and involvement are ongoing

Since 1981, Robert built the family business recovery and recycling of scrap metal. Today, with its eight associated partners, the group relies on a strong team of over 200 people including heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, technicians and engineers, all experienced and dedicated to the company.


  • In 1981 Robert Auto Parts experienced a modest beginning but soon the company grows
  • 1982 Opening of Street Complex The Bushes
  • 1991 Acquisition of Métaux Lamy inc.
  • 1994 Acquisition 0f 50 % de Olympic Métal inc.
  • 1995 Acquisition of 50% de Aciers et Métaux Doucet inc.
  • 1995 Acquisition of Métaux Parents inc.
  • 1996 Planning of the first Robert Plant Treatments Ltd.
  • 2002 Acquisition and foundation of the complex Treatments Ltd Robert on Wilson DR street.
  • 2008 Acquisition of 50% de Machinerie Chartin inc.
  • 2010 Association with AIM, one of the largest recycling companies in Canada, to forma new entity is Robert Iron & Metal LP.

Along with the explosive growth of the company, Robert Fer et Métaux LP (RFM) is a local leader for the economic recovery of Shawinigan. It supports many projectsincluding two major projects is in the Investment Fund Company or Regional ” PROUD” and the hockey club ”Cataractes de Shawinigan’.” Side of PROUD, Julie Robert serves asPresident and under his leadership a number of projects supported by this fund,originally from Shawinigan and creates economic benefits and jobs. The financial involvement of RFM in the Cataracts was the spark the creation of a group of private investors who helped rescue and revival of junior hockey club. Even today, PierreRobert and his two children, Julie and Martin are working to develop new projects to maintain business growth and developing prosperity in Shawinigan.

” As the owner of RFM, I want my grandchildren to work in a prosperous city of Shawinigan” Pierre Robert, President